Forerunners for the Provision of Quality, Responsive and Timely Insurance Service


Crosbie Job insurance brokers are a group of insurance specialists and professionals that specialize in providing personal insurance coverage to home-owners.

They offer insurance coverage services to home-owners and a unit apartment that is owned by an individual. However, their products and services can be accessed exclusively through our network of agents spread, strategically, throughout the states.

They are in business with a simple mission; to provide agents and policyholders with a high quality, financially stable insurer that will be reliable even in the long run.

They have earned a Financial Stability Rating of A, which stands for exceptional performance. They are also given credit to for their years of experience while providing their clients with pre-eminent services. This is as a result of their commitment to offering quality insurance coverage services, with special diligence to timeliness and responsiveness. This means that they are conscious of the market trends and needs, and needs of the client and they provide coverage services that are tailor made for the needs of the policyholder, in light of the prevailing market forces, at the time that they are required.

To achieve this, their brokers are conscious of the fact that their performance must be excellent, and nothing short of that. That is why their brokers only employs professionals with years of experience in that field for best results only.

Therefore, families that take claims with their brokers are protected. So, if you are looking to insure a home and/ or an individual unit apartment, Crosbie Job insurance brokers will offer you coverage services that you need for your possessions.

They will take you through the variety of homeowners and individual unit apartment owners policies that are available for one to insure his/ her home, depending on the value of their home. They’ll also explain the various alternatives available, the rebate charges and payments schemes available to the policy holder and that will help in managing insurance costs. All these efforts are in a bid to avail all the relevant information to the customer so as to aid the customer in making an informed decision. This is why a customer is an informed customer. Because they understand the importance of making informed decisions. Crosbie Job insurance brokers are aware of the fact that the decision made, today, by a customer will have a lasting effect on the customer and, by extent, his family.



They understands how and what it takes to be on the insurance coverage policy thus making them to fit in the customer’s shoes. This is because they have always spearheaded the home owners’ market and hence they have a first-hand knowledge of how increasing taxes, increasing values and inadequate market scope can make it difficult to keep up commercial enterprise. As they continue to solidify and expand their presence in the two states, they do so with a commitment as forerunners of quality, responsive and timely insurance coverage services!

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