Different Basic Types Of Insurance


What exactly are the different basic types of insurance? It is actually a good thing that there are various types of insurance available out there.  You can choose to get one type of insurance or you can get different types of insurance that you think may be helpful to you should something unfortunate or unforeseen will happen in the future.

Life insurance – life insurance is something that will give monetary assistance to the individuals who are financially reliant on you should you unfortunately pass away. The life insurance policy generally lets you have the option of having the funds be given to your beneficiary either in increments (monthly, annually, etc) or in a lump sum cash payment.  Life insurance also helps provide for the funeral, burial and other expenditures related to the arrangement of your final moments prior to your entombment.  Should your other half be only a stay-at-home kind of spouse, if you have children who are still minors, or if you have parents who are completely reliant on you and may suffer financial hardship in case you die, then this type of insurance has to be your first priority above everything else.

Health insurance – health insurance typically helps cover the cost of medicines and medical treatments. This is actually a very crucial type of insurance to invest in because obviously, you will never cease needing it. The always-increasing cost for healthcare these days makes even a straightforward checkup and hospital confinement a very costly experience, most especially when it has caught you suddenly and you are not prepared. Having health insurance could mean the world to you in case you suffer from a very serious injury or you have suddenly contracted an illness and you unfortunately do not have enough money saved at the bank to cover for all your medical costs.

Auto insurance – auto insurance is something you will really need when you have a car or any other vehicle.  This type of insurance protects you from suffering the full impact of financial loss in times you are involved in accidents that are related to vehicles.  In the event you have injured somebody or you have damaged some property, it can potentially cost you a lot, and maybe everything you have.  Such events related to cars or vehicles happen very quickly and in an unpredictable manner, so the best way for this is to always be prepared no matter what, even if you are the most careful driver out there.  Aside from protecting you from accidents, auto insurance may also conveniently cover for the unfortunate event that your vehicle gets damaged or stolen.

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